Saturday, March 5, 2011

What kind of man is President Obama?

What kind of man is he?


I have some time to read and some time to become a "news junkie" and a strange phenomenon has caught my attention lately -- one that really bothers my thinking about the President of the United States and what he is all about. To be specific, due to the fact that he was a teacher of the law, as we are told, he must be aware of some wording in some recent speeches that even school children know isn't correct.

In giving speeches on September 15, September 23 and October 18, while giving speeches, the President partially quoted paragraph 2 of the Declaration of Independence, BUt, he left out the word "CREATOR" all three times. When I heard about the occasion on September 15, I just supposed it was due to stumbling over words, which I have done myself on occasion. However, it now appears he is doing it with purpose and that, I believe, is offensive to most Americans.

His quotation should have read, "that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their CREATOR with certain inalienable Rights, "etc. Now, read that once again and leave out "by their CREATOR" -- what do you see? In the first place, why should he CHANGE a quotation of such historic importance?

The implication is that our rights and blessings have NOT come from God and His love, but are gifts from "government". The ramifications of such thought are that if the elected elites can give you anything, the elected elites can take it from you. But there is an even deeper problem, which bothers me more than a word being deleted, and that is the President, who claims to be a Christian by his own confession while in campaigning for the job, refuses to give Honor and Glory to the Son of God, whom the Holy Scriptures say created all things.

It makes me ask: "What kind of a man is he?"

Albert R. Du Vall
West Hamlin

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